Dragon Clan

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Dragon Clan
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Champion Togashi Yokuni
Families AgashaKitsukiMirumotoTogashi

The Dragon Clan is a Great Clan led by its Champion Togashi Yokuni.

Description[edit | edit source]

In contrast to the conformity that permeates the land of Rokugan, the Dragon Clan chases individual enlightenment. Secluded in the northern mountains, the Dragon rarely focus on the internal politics of Rokugan, instead turning their eyes to the future and the mysterious visions of their founder, the Kami Togashi. Indeed, few can truly say they understand the Dragon. Some insist their beloved paradoxes and puzzles are no more than a game, triviality masquerading as depth. To this accusation, the Dragon quote a common saying of their monks:

"What is wisdom?" one asked.

"What is not wisdom?" the other answered.

The Dragon are a mysterious and individualistic clan. The use of attachments is one of this clan's greatest strengths, and it's wise to invest in a few powerful characters with plans to give them multiple attachments. The concept of balance is also important to this clan, and they are well suited for both military and political conflicts. You must take advantage of this flexibility and strike wherever you opponent leaves an opening.[1]

Major Families[edit | edit source]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Set ID Deck Type
Agasha Swordsmith Core Set 56 Dynasty Character
Ancestral Daishō Core Set 151 Conflict Attachment
Daimyō's Favor Core Set 150 Conflict Attachment
Doomed Shugenja Core Set 54 Dynasty Character
Indomitable Will Core Set 158 Conflict Event
Mirumoto Prodigy Core Set 57 Dynasty Character
Seeker of Enlightenment Core Set 59 Dynasty Character
Togashi Initiate Core Set 55 Dynasty Character
Way of the Dragon Core Set 154 Conflict Attachment

References[edit | edit source]