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Event is a card type. Every event has a fate cost (fate).[1]

Events only appear in the conflict deck and therefore some of them have influence (Influence) marks.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Clan Name Traits fate Influence Text Box
lion Ready for Battle 0 1 Reaction: After an opponent's card effect or a ring effect bows a character you control – ready that character.
scorpion Way of the Scorpion Philosophy. 0  ???
phoenix Way of the Phoenix Philosophy. 0  ???
lion Way of the Lion Philosophy. 0 Action: During a conflict, choose a lion character – double that character's base military skill until the end of the conflict.
crane Way of the Crane Philosophy. 0 Action: Choose a crane character you control – honor that character.
crane Voice of Honor 0 2 Interrupt: When then effects of an event would initiate, if you control more honored characters than an opponent – cancel those effects.
crane The Perfect Gift 0 1 Action: Reveal the top 4 cards of each player's conflict deck. Choose 1 revealed card by each player and add it to its owner's hand. Shuffle.
lion Stand Your Ground 0 2 Interrupt: When an honored character you control would leave play – instead discard that character's status token.
neutral Spies at Court 0 Reaction: After you win a Political conflict, dishonor a (friendly) participating character – discard 2 cards at random from your opponent's hand. (Max 1 per conflict.)
unicorn Way of the Unicorn Philosophy. 0 Interrupt: When you would pass the first player token – keep it instead.
neutral For Shame! 0 Action: During a conflict, if you control a participating Courtier character, choose a participating character controlled by your opponent. Your opponent must select one – dishonor the chosen character or bow it.
neutral Good Omen 0 Play only if your honor bid is lower than an opponent's.
Action: Choose a character with printed cost 3 or higher – place 1 fate on that character.
unicorn Breakthrough 0 1 Reaction: After the resolution of your first conflict this phase as the attacking player, if that conflict broke a province – immediately declare your second conflict for this phase.
neutral Banzai! 0 Action: During a conflict, choose a participating character – that character gets +2military until the end of the conflict. You may lose 1 honor to resolve this ability twice. (Max 1 per conflict.)
dragon Indomitable Will 1 2 Reaction: After you win a conflict in which you control only a single participating character – that character does not bow as result of the conflict resolution.
phoenix Know the World Spell. Void. 1 3 Action: Switch a ring in your claimed ring pool with an unclaimed ring and gain all fate on that ring. (Retain the ring's conflict type.)
crane Admit Defeat 1 2 Action: Choose a character that is defending alone – bow that character.
lion Strength in Numbers 1 2 Action: While you are the attacking player, choose a defending character with glory X or lower – move that character home. X is equal to the number of attacking characters.
lion For Greater Glory 1 3 Reaction: After you break a province during a military conflict – place 1 fate on each participating Bushi character you control. (Max 1 per conflict.)
neutral Fallen in Battle 1 Reaction: After you win a military conflict by 5 or more skill, choose a participating character – discard that character. (Max 1 per conflict.)
crane Noble Sacrifice 1 2 Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) honored character. Choose a dishonored character – discard that character.
scorpion I Can Swim Philosophy. 2 1 Action: During a conflict, if the bid on your honor dial is higher than an opponent's, choose a participating dishonored character controlled by that opponent – discard that character.
scorpion Blackmail 3 3 Play only if you are less honorable than your opponent.
Action: During a conflict, choose a character controlled by your opponent with printed cost 2 or lower – take control of that character until the end of the conflict.
crab Rebuild 2  ???
crab Way of the Crab Philosophy.  ???
neutral Assassination  ???

References[edit | edit source]