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The unique symbol

The Unique Symbol (Unique) marks cards where only one copy of it may be in a player's home area at any given time.[1]

If a second copy is face up in that player's province, it may be discarded to add an additional fate to the unique card in play during the Dynasty Phase.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Clan Name Set ID Deck Type
crane Daidoji Nerishma Unique Core Set 46 Dynasty Character
crane Doji Hotaru Unique Core Set 52 Dynasty Character
phoenix Isawa Masahiro Unique Core Set 90 Dynasty Character
crane Kakita Asami Unique Core Set 48 Dynasty Character
crane Kakita Kaezin Unique Core Set 49 Dynasty Character
crane Shizuka Toshi Unique Core Set 2 Stronghold
scorpion Yogo Hiroue Unique Core Set Dynasty Character
lion Yojin no Shiro Unique Core Set 4 Stronghold

References[edit | edit source]