As Honor Demands

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As Honor Demands
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Product Code L5C33
Release Date Not specified
Previous Campaigns of Conquest
Next Atonement
Cycle Dominion Cycle

As Honor Demands is the fifth Dynasty Pack of the Dominion Cycle. [1]

The cover art of this set by Leo Avero is from the card Shinjo Altansarnai.

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
93 Seven Fold Palace Unique crane Stronghold Palace. Reaction: After an honored character you control wins a conflict as the attacker, bow this stronghold – gains 2 honor.
98 Master of the Court crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Covert. (When this character attacks, choose one character without covert. That character cannot be declared as a defender.)
Interrupt: When the effects of an event would initiate, discard an honored status token from this character – cancel those effects.
108 Elegance and Grace crane Conflict Event Action: Choose up two honored characters with total printed gold cost 6 or less – ready each of those characters.
103 Endless Archives phoenix Dynasty Holding Library. Reaction: After you pass on declaring a conflict – put an honor token on this holding. Then, put X cards from your hand on the bottom of your conflict deck and draw that many cards, where X is the number of honor tokens on this holding. Any player may trigger this ability. (Unlimited.)
102 Asako Lawmaster phoenix Dynasty Character Courtier. Reaction: After you pass on declaring a conflict – gain 1 honor.
Shinjo Altansarnai (AHD) Unique unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Champion. Action: During a military conflict in which this character is participating – search the top 8 cards of your dynasty deck for a non-unique character with printed cost 3 or lower and put that character into play in the conflict. Shuffle.

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