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The banned list is a list of banned cards in organized play.

Restricted, Errara, then finally banned
Karada District.png

When deckbuilding, a player may not include any copies of acard on the banned list in their decks and set of provinces.

The first banned list was published December 24th 2019 and will take effect on January 6th 2020. [1] The second banned list was published 30th March 2020 and will take effect on April 6th 2020. [2] The third banned list was published 22nd June 2020 and wull take effect on July 6th 2020. [3]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Card Added
Guest of Honor January 2020
Charge! January 2020
Isawa Tadaka January 2020
Karada District January 2020
Master of Gisei Toshi January 2020
Kanjo District January 2020
Jurōjin's Curse January 2020
Hidden Moon Dojo January 2020
Mirumoto Daishō January 2020
Spyglass April 2020
Bayushi Liar July 2020
Policy Debate July 2020
Gateway to Meido July 2020

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