Cold Autumn Harvests

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Cold Autumn Harvests
Story hline.png
Author Mari Murdock
Release Date 2020-02-27
Previous A Night Storm Rages
Next Hidden Markings
Source Cold Autumn Harvests
Cycle/Set Dominion Cycle

Though it's the time of the harvest, supplies are short, particularly for a detachment of the Lion Clan army stationed on the Lion-Unicorn border. Their food is running out, and faced with starvation, their only source of provisions may be a lonely Unicorn village just over the border. Raiding peasants is surely a dishonorable tactic—but the Lion have a duty to fulfill, and they cannot uphold their duty if they are starving.

Discover what commander Ikoma Tsanuri will choose in "Cold Autumn Harvests", a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Mari Murdock!