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Crab Clan
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Champion Hida Kisada
Families HidaHirumaKaiuKuniYasuki

The Crab Clan is a Great Clan led by its Champion Hida Kisada. The Clan is responsible for defending the Emerald Empire from the threat of the Shadowlands.

Description[edit | edit source]

To the south of Rokugan lie the blighted Shadowlands, a dark realm under the sway of Fu Leng and the corrupted armies from the realm of Jigoku. The only safeguard between the Shadowlands and Rokugan is the mighty Kaiu Wall and its constructors and defenders, the Crab Clan.

To those who look upon the Crab kindly, their strength is impressive and their determination honorable. But to those who do not-those who benefit from the protection of the Wall without knowing the sacrifices it requires-the Crab are impolite brutes, too pigheaded to comprehend the intricacies of court decorum. Regardless of how others might view them, the Crab cannot mire themselves in bickering and intrigue. They present their back to the court only so they may more fully face the true enemy in the Shadowlands beyond.

As rugged, stoic, and tenacious defenders of the Empire, the Crab are at their best when they are defending against attacks and reacting to an opponent's aggression, weathering your opponent's best attacks, and retaliating when your foe is most vulnerable. As builders who excel at living off the land, holdings are important to the Crab to protect their provinces and power their characters.[1]

Major Families[edit | edit source]

  • Hida family: Leaders of the Crab Clan, they are among the largest families in Rokugan and provide the vast bulk of the Crab's military might and tactical prowess.
  • Hiruma family: Agile scouts and bodyguards who support the Hida family in the perpetual war against the Shadowlands.
  • Kaiu family: The most talented engineers in the Empire, they specialize in fortifications and siege warfare.
  • Kuni family: Enigmatic shugenja who study the Shadowlands. They are also skilled healers.
  • Yasuki family: Formerly a part of the Crane Clan, this family of courtiers, merchants and diplomats procure the supplies the Crab need through any means necessary.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Cards of the Crab Clan
Name Set ID Deck Type
Apprentice Earthcaller Tainted Lands 24 Dynasty Character
Reprieve Core Set 132 Conflict Attachment
Siege Captain Children of the Empire 8 Dynasty Character
Shrug Off Despair Rokugan at War 1 Province
Shrewd Yasuki Core Set 29 Dynasty Character
Shiro Nishiyama Unique Core Set 1 Stronghold
Shinsei's Last Hope Unique Spreading Shadows 26 Province
Sharpened Tsuruhashi The Children of Heaven 81 Conflict Attachment
Shadowlands Hunter Defenders of Rokugan 6 Dynasty Character
Seventh Tower Unique Defenders of Rokugan 15 Dynasty Holding
Seal of the Crab Into the Forbidden City 51 Conflict Attachment
Sake House Smuggler Clan War 27 Dynasty Character
Root Out Heresy Shoju's Duty 124 Conflict Event
Roadside Inn Clan War 29 Dynasty Holding
River of the Last Stand Unique Defenders of Rokugan 14 Dynasty Holding
Return From Shadows In Pursuit of Truth 62 Conflict Event
Reinforced Plate Defenders of Rokugan 25 Conflict Attachment
Slaughtered Village Clan War 13 Province
Recalled Defenses Rokugan at War 7 Dynasty Event
Rebuild Core Set 136 Conflict Event
Raise the Alarm For Honor and Glory 32 Conflict Event
Purifier Apprentice Defenders of Rokugan 4 Dynasty Character
Pragmatism Elements Unbound 113 Conflict Attachment
Pit Trap The Chrysanthemum Throne 73 Conflict Attachment
Pious Guardian As Honor Demands 96 Dynasty Character
Pathfinder's Blade For Honor and Glory 31 Conflict Attachment
Our Foe Does Not Wait Rokugan at War 15 Conflict Event
One of the Forgotten Clan War 26 Dynasty Character
Obsidian Talisman Spreading Shadows 42 Conflict Attachment
Northern Curtain Wall Unique Defenders of Rokugan 13 Dynasty Holding
Nezumi Infiltrator The Ebb and Flow 71 Conflict Character
Levy Core Set 135 Conflict Event
Siege Warfare Defenders of Rokugan 28 Conflict Event
Smuggling Deal Children of the Empire 51 Conflict Event
Kuni Yori Unique Tainted Lands 25 Dynasty Character
Unyielding Sensei Defenders of Rokugan 8 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Procurer Children of the Empire 7 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Oguri Unique Underhand of the Emperor 12 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Hikaru Unique The Emperor's Legion 14 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Hatsu Unique Shoju's Duty 112 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Fuzake Unique Masters of the Court 14 Dynasty Character
Yasuki Broker Elements Unbound 104 Dynasty Character
Withstand the Darkness A Champion's Foresight 103 Conflict Event
Wicked Tetsubō The Fires Within 51 Conflict Attachment
Way of the Crab Core Set 137 Conflict Event
Watchtower of Valor Unique Defenders of Rokugan 17 Dynasty Holding
Watch Commander Core Set 133 Conflict Attachment
Warden of the Damned Justice for Satsume 60 Conflict Character
Vengeful Berserker Core Set 33 Dynasty Character
Vanguard Warrior Core Set 30 Dynasty Character
Third Whisker Warrens Unique Defenders of Rokugan 16 Dynasty Holding
Specialized Defenses Elements Unbound 114 Conflict Event
Student of Anatomies The Children of Heaven 69 Dynasty Character
Spreading the Darkness Tainted Lands 32 Conflict Event
Staunch Hida Tears of Amaterasu 3 Dynasty Character
Steadfast Witch Hunter Core Set 35 Dynasty Character
Stoic Gunsō Core Set 131 Conflict Character
Stoic Magistrate For Honor and Glory 23 Dynasty Character
Strategic Weakpoint A Champion's Foresight 93 Dynasty Holding
Sturdy Tetsubō Campaigns of Conquest 86 Conflict Attachment
Third Whisker Sneak In Pursuit of Truth 53 Dynasty Character
Subterranean Guile Defenders of Rokugan 26 Conflict Attachment
Tainted Hero All and Nothing 83 Dynasty Character
The Crashing Wave Clan War 66 Conflict Event
The Mountain Does Not Fall Core Set 138 Conflict Event
The Strength of the Mountain Defenders of Rokugan 30 Conflict Event
Third Tower Guard Breath of the Kami 4 Dynasty Character
Kyūden Hida Unique Defenders of Rokugan 1 Stronghold
Kuni Wasteland Unique Defenders of Rokugan 2 Province
Blatant Swindler In Pursuit of Truth 52 Dynasty Character
Fight On The Ebb and Flow 72 Conflict Event
Hida Etsuji Unique As Honor Demands 97 Dynasty Character
Hida Amoro Unique Disciples of the Void 13 Dynasty Character
Heavy Ballista Children of the Empire 10 Dynasty Holding
Guardian of Virtue Children of the Empire 49 Conflict Character
Give No Ground For the Empire 14 Conflict Event
Gallant Quartermaster Shoju's Duty 111 Dynasty Character
Fury of the Damned Bonds of Blood 33 Conflict Event
Funeral Pyre Core Set 39 Dynasty Holding
Fulfill Your Duty Clan War 67 Conflict Event
Fruitful Respite Defenders of Rokugan 27 Conflict Event
Frontline Engineer A Champion's Foresight 92 Dynasty Character
Fortified Assembly The Children of Heaven 67 Province
Flooded Waste The Ebb and Flow 61 Province
Fire and Oil Atonement 118 Dynasty Holding
Fifth Tower Watch For the Empire 5 Dynasty Character
Hida Kisada Unique Core Set 37 Dynasty Character
Favorable Dealbroker Defenders of Rokugan 9 Dynasty Character
Fair Accord Fate Has No Secrets 91 Conflict Event
Eager Scout Core Set 25 Dynasty Character
Desolation Defenders of Rokugan 29 Conflict Event
Defend the Wall Core Set 8 Province
Darkness Rising Honor in Flames 36 Conflict Event
Daring Challenger Children of the Empire 6 Dynasty Character
Crisis Breaker Fate Has No Secrets 82 Dynasty Character
Common Cause Clan War 65 Conflict Event
Ceaseless Duty As Honor Demands 107 Conflict Event
Callous Ashigaru Justice for Satsume 61 Conflict Attachment
Butcher of the Fallen Spreading Shadows 31 Dynasty Character
Borderlands Fortifications Core Set 38 Dynasty Holding
Borderlands Defender Core Set 31 Dynasty Character
Hida Guardian Core Set 26 Dynasty Character
Hida Kotoe Unique Seekers of Wisdom 26 Conflict Character
Kuni Silencer Clan War 28 Dynasty Character
Iron Mine Meditations on the Ephemeral 103 Dynasty Holding
Kuni Ritsuko Unique Meditations on the Ephemeral 102 Dynasty Character
Kuni Purifier Campaigns of Conquest 74 Dynasty Character
Kuni Laboratory All and Nothing 84 Dynasty Holding
Kobo Ichi-Kai Jūjutsu Clan War 64 Conflict Attachment
Kikyo Unique [[|]] Conflict Attachment
Keeper of Air Core Set 214A Role
Karada District Unique Tears of Amaterasu 4 Dynasty Holding
Kaiu Siege Force Unique Defenders of Rokugan 11 Dynasty Character
Kaiu Shuichi Unique Core Set 36 Dynasty Character
Kaiu Shihobu Unique Defenders of Rokugan 10 Dynasty Character
Kaiu Inventor The Chrysanthemum Throne 63 Dynasty Character
Kaiu Forges Unique Defenders of Rokugan 12 Dynasty Holding
Kaiu Envoy Core Set 27 Dynasty Character
Jade Tetsubō Core Set 134 Conflict Attachment
Intimidating Hida Core Set 32 Dynasty Character
Hida O-Ushi Unique Defenders of Rokugan 7 Dynasty Character
Hiruma Ambusher Core Set 130 Conflict Character
Hida Secretkeeper Clan War 25 Dynasty Character
Hida Sugi Unique Justice for Satsume 48 Dynasty Character
Hida Sukune Unique Defenders of Rokugan 5 Dynasty Character
Hida Tomonatsu Unique Core Set 34 Dynasty Character
Hida Tsuru Unique Warriors of the Wind 12 Dynasty Character
Hida Yakamo Unique Children of the Empire 9 Dynasty Character
Hiruma Kogoe Unique The Fires Within 42 Dynasty Character
In Defense of Rokugan Children of the Empire 52 Conflict Event
Hiruma Outpost Breath of the Kami 5 Dynasty Holding
Hiruma Signaller For the Empire 4 Dynasty Character
Hiruma Skirmisher Into the Forbidden City 50 Conflict Character
Hiruma Yoshino Unique Bonds of Blood 26 Dynasty Character
Hiruma Yōjimbō Core Set 28 Dynasty Character
Honed Nodachi Children of the Empire 50 Conflict Attachment
Yasuki Taka Unique Fate Has No Secrets 83 Dynasty Character

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