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Crane Clan

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Crane Clan
Crane Clan mon.png
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Champion Doji Hotaru
Families AsahinaDaidojiDojiKakita

The Crane Clan is a Great Clan led by its Champion Doji Hotaru.

Description[edit | edit source]

To the rest of the Empire, the Crane are a study in contrasts. They are both respected and hated for their achievements, both admired and envied for their elegance and grace. They are the makers of beauty and beauty itself, devotees of peace and civility who nonetheless wield lethal blades. From the Crane's impeccable garments, which set the standards for style in the Empire, to the sprawling beauty and wonder of their Fantastic Gardens, to their seemingly limitless talent for artistic accomplishments and political dominance in Rokugan's courts, the Crane don't simply define what it means to be a civilized Empire—they are the very civilized essence of Rokugan.

The Crane are known throughout the Emerald Empire as a political powerhouse, with wise and honorable courtiers guiding the clan and protecting themselves from external threats. In the game, you must leverage this political might to devastate your opponents during conflicts, keeping your characters honored to increase their skill and controlling the board by pushing your opponent's characters away.[1]

Major Families[edit | edit source]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Cards of the Crane Clan
Name Set ID Deck Type
Above Question Core Set 141 Conflict Attachment
Admit Defeat Core Set 147 Conflict Event
Artisan Academy Core Set 53 Dynasty Holding
Asahina Artisan Core Set 40 Dynasty Character
Asahina Storyteller Core Set 50 Dynasty Character
Brash Samurai Core Set 42 Dynasty Character
Cautious Scout Core Set 43 Dynasty Character
Daidoji Nerishma Unique Core Set 46 Dynasty Character
Disdainful Remark Tears of Amaterasu 13 Conflict Event
Doji Challenger Core Set 47 Dynasty Character
Doji Gift Giver Core Set 44 Dynasty Character
Doji Hotaru Unique Core Set 52 Dynasty Character
Doji Whisperer Core Set 41 Dynasty Character
Duelist Training Core Set 142 Conflict Attachment
Guest of Honor Core Set 51 Dynasty Character
Height of Fashion Core Set 143 Conflict Attachment
Kakita Asami Unique Core Set 48 Dynasty Character
Kakita Kaezin Unique Core Set 49 Dynasty Character
Keeper of Water Core Set 217A Role
Noble Sacrifice Core Set 148 Conflict Event
Political Rival Core Set 140 Conflict Character
Savvy Politician Core Set 45 Dynasty Character
Shizuka Toshi Unique Core Set 2 Stronghold
Steward of Law Core Set 139 Conflict Character
Test of Skill [[]] Conflict Event
The Art of Peace Core Set 9 Province
The Perfect Gift Core Set 144 Conflict Event
Voice of Honor Core Set 145 Conflict Event
Way of the Crane Core Set 146 Conflict Event

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