The Doji family is the political heart of the Crane Clan, and the arbiters of culture in Rokugan as a whole.


The Doji are graceful, elegant, and beautiful; the very vision of refinement. Their courtiers can be found in the halls of lords across the realm and at all levels of governance, and they are always quick to offer a favor to or share their art with their friends. It is common for the Emperor to marry a member of the Doji family, and it is through these blood ties that they maintain their position.

Kami Doji herself was one of the founders of the Empire, responsible for creating most of its political and cultural institutions. It was her marriage to the warrior Kakita that would end up creating the Doji family line (as well as the Kakita family and ultimately the Daidoji family) and the Crane Clan itself.

Notable Members

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