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The resolution of disputes through dueling is a central part of Rokugani culture, and duels are an important game concept in L5R, dating all the way back to Imperial Edition of the CCG. In a duel a single character is pitted against a single opposing character, all as part of a single action. This stands in contrast to a conflict, which will usually involve multiple characters over multiple actions.

There are military (military) duels, political (Political) duels, [1] and glory (glory) duels.

A duel is initiated by certain card effects between two characters.

  • Players use their honor dials to secretly bid a number from one to five.
  • Players simultaneously reveal their selection.
  • The player with the higher bid pays an amount of honor equal to the difference to the lower bidding player.
  • Each player adds the bid to the skill of the character. The player with the higher result wins the duel.

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