Dynasty phase

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The Dynasty Phase is the first phase of the turn. During this phase players take turns performing actions, with the player who has the first player token going first and then alternating between the players.

The three options of actions are:

  • Playing a character card from a province.
  • Activating an appropriate card ability.
  • Passing. The first player to pass cannot take any more actions that phase, but gets a free fate token in their pool.

Playing Cards[edit | edit source]

To play a character card a player chooses a face up card on one of their provinces, pays its fate cost, and moves it into their home area. Optionally, the player can then move any number of fate tokens from their pool onto the character. After they have done so, they place a new card face down on the now empty province.

When determining if a card can be played, a player should note that they can only have one copy of a unique card in play. If they already have a copy in play and also have one on a province, they can discard it from the province to give the character in play an extra fate token.[1]

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