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The Elemental Cycle is the second cycle published for the L5R LCG.[1]

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
6 Fū Sui Disciple crane Dynasty Character Shugenja. Air. Action: The player that has the air ring in his or her ring pool chooses an ordinary character he or she controls. You select one – honor or dishonor that character.
11 Shinjo Shono Unique unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Cavalry. Commander. Pride.
Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, if you control more participating characters than your opponent – each participating Cavalry character you control gets +1 military and +1 Political until the end of the conflict.
23 Upholding Authority neutral Province This province gets +2 strength while you have an Earth role.
Interrupt: When this province is broken – the attacking player reveals his or her hand. Choose a card in their hand and discard any number of copies of that card from their hand.
36 Feral Ningyo phoenix Dynasty Character Creature. Action: During a water conflict – put this character into play from your hand in the conflict. At the end of the conflict, shuffle it into your conflict deck.
71 Nezumi Infiltrator crab Conflict Character Creature. Scout. Immune to Shadowlands and Mahō card effects.
Reaction: After this character enters play during a conflict – until the end of the conflict, raise or lower the strength of the attacked province by 1 (to a minimum of 1). (Max 1 per conflict.)
96 Shosuro Sadako Unique scorpion Conflict Character Bushi. Shadow. Shinobi. While this character is dishonored, add its glory to its military and Political skill instead of subtracting it.
100 Perfect Land Ethos neutral Conflict Event Philosophy. Action: Discard each status token.
111 Mantis Tenkinja neutral Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Mantis Clan. Water role only.
Interrupt: When you play an event, lose 1 honor – reduce the cost of that event by 1.

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