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Fictions is the main way to convey the story of Legend of the Five Rings.

List of fictions[edit | edit source]

Name Author Release Date
Whispers of Shadow and Steel Mari Murdock
Her Father's Daughter D.G. Laderoute 2017-05-17
The Price of War Mari Murdock 2017-06-07
The Rising Wave Marie Brennan 2017-06-21
Dark Hands of Heaven Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda 2017-07-05
Risen from the Flames Robert Denton III 2017-07-19
Curved Blades Ree Soesbee 2017-08-02
A Season of War Katrina Ostrander 2017-08-03
Smokeless Fire Katrina Ostrander 2017-08-10
The World, A Stage D.G. Laderoute 2017-08-16
A Most Suitable Teacher Katrina Ostrander 2017-08-18
In the Garden of Lies (Part I) Marie Brennan 2017-09-06
In the Garden of Lies (Part II) Marie Brennan 2017-09-20
To the South (Part I) Marie Brennan 2017-10-04
To the South (Part II) Marie Brennan 2017-10-18
The Fate of Flames Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda 2017-10-30
Better to be Certain Robert Denton III 2017-10-31
The Fires of Justice Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda 2017-11-05
The Stories We Tell Nancy M. Sauer 2017-11-08
Blind Ambition D.G. Laderoute 2017-11-09
Service and Sacrifice Mari Murdock 2017-11-15
A Difference of Lanterns Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda 2017-11-16
Beneath, Below, Beyond Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda 2017-11-22
Family Duty Robert Denton III 2017-11-23
Flying Chariot, Standing Gareth-Michael Skarka 2017-11-29
Court Games (Fiction) D.G. Laderoute 2017-11-30
Honor, Loyalty, Duty Mari Murdock 2017-12-06
The Bright Flame of the World's Glory Nancy M. Sauer 2017-12-07
Wildcats and Dragon Teeth Lisa Farrell 2017-12-13
Fireflies Robert Denton III 2017-12-14
The Specters of War Lisa Farrell 2018-02-07
Repentance Does Not Come First Robert Denton III 2018-04-02
The Sword and the Spirits Robert Denton III 2018-05-31[1]
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