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Flavor text appears in the text box of some cards. The small snippet of text it there to convey the the card's relation to the story of the game. Like reminder text, flavor text appears italic an has no rules relevance.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Clan Flavor Text
Above Question crane "Excuse me, samurai-san, but you must be mistaken! It could not possibly have been her."
Adept of Shadows scorpion There are dozens of ways to hide, and only one way to be seen.
Adept of the Waves phoenix Water is flexible and yielding, yet none can withstand the crashing waves.
Admit Defeat crane It is not only a question of defeating one's opponents, but defeating them in such a manner that they know they have been beaten.
Against the Waves phoenix Water is ever changing. A gentle wave one moment and a torrent of force the next.
Agasha Sumiko Unique dragon "I will not merely record history. I will forge it myself."
Ageless Crone lion "It is good to see you again, Grandmother. You have not aged a day. Ever." – Ikoma Ikehata
Aggressive Moto unicorn Moto can die but cannot yield.
Akodo Toshiro Unique lion "You are the most gifted swordsman of your generation. Why must you waste your time on this cowardly art?" – Akodo Gendo
Akodo Toturi Unique lion A lion is more than his roar, his mane, his teeth, his heart. A lion is all of these.
Ancestral Lands neutral "Our claim on these lands stretches back to the dawn of the Empire."
Asako Tsuki Unique phoenix “History is fixed, but the future flows.”
Backhanded Compliment scorpion "No one could accuse you of vanity with such a style."
Bayushi Kachiko Unique scorpion "Which of us would bid this game to end? We are nearly perfectly matched, but there can only be one victor."
Bayushi Liar scorpion "I sincerily doubt that asking you to trust me will change anything, and yet I ask anyway."
Bayushi Manipulator scorpion "Victory does not always go to the strongest of two opponents." – Bayushi's Lies
Bayushi Shoju Unique scorpion "Believing what is true is only sensible."
Bayushi Yojiro Unique scorpion "If you will not believe a word I say, I may as well tell the truth."
Beastmaster Matriarch lion "I have always heard that the Lion’s greatest weapon is their pride.” – Ikoma Ikehata
Before the Throne neutral "Your August Imperial Majesty, your humble servant comes before you..."
Benten's Touch phoenix "Blessed Benten, Lady of Love and Beauty, shine your radiance upon me. Let my hands work your beauty in the mortal realm and my words spread your grace at all."
Blackmail Artist scorpion "The real art in convincing your mark that you are bound by duty and honor, to expose him. At which point, buying you off becomes this idea."
Borderlands Defender crab Even when faced with such hardship, the Crab Clan has never wavered, standing steadfast in its duty to protect the southern border of the Empire.
Brash Samurai crane A samurai lives at all times three feet from death.
Captive Audience unicorn "Now you must hear our demands!"
Cautious Scout crane They told him to be careful, but there was only one way to know for sure.
Censure neutral "I bring word from the Imperial Chancellor."
Charge! neutral A samurai must always be ready. Ready to fight. And ready, if need be, to die.
City of Lies scorpion In Ryokō Owari Toshi, koku could pave any road.
Consumed by Five Fires phoenix "By these fires be cleansed." – Isawa Masahiro
Contingency Plan neutral "The only thing that is certain is that something will go wrong." – Bayushi's Lies
Cunning Magistrate scorpion "Let them fear the law and be better for it."
Curry Favor crane "How could the Crane do any less for our honored allies?"
Daidoji Nerishma Unique crane "It's an ambush! Be ready!"
Deathseeker lion "I shall redeem my name in service to my clan!"
Doji Challenger crane "I hope you are prepared to defend your words with steel!"
Doji Hotaru Unique crane "Were it not for the rule of kō, we would be trapped in this game for eternity. We are nearly perfectly matched."
Doji Representative crane "I regret that I must decline your gracious invitation."
Doji Shigeru Unique crane "It is humbling to be mistaken for the beautiful Lady Shike."
Doji Shizue Unique crane "Mukashi mukashi..."
Doji Whisperer crane "Lean closer, that I might tell you something only the willows should hear..."
Eager Scout crab The first to fight, the first to die.
Enigmatic Magistrate dragon "Is it just to uphold an unjust law?"
Enlightened Warrior dragon In heart, air.
In spirit, earth.
In sword, fire.
In body, water.
In mind, void.
Entrenched Position neutral "It would take an entire Moto horde to break through here."
Fair Accord crab "So long as there is the light of 'I want to make a deal,' even the most painful negotiations will eventually pay off." – Yasuki Taka, the Wily Trader
Favor of the Kami phoenix “Like air, invisible.
Like water, formless.
Like earth, unchanging.
Like fire, powerful.”
– Isawa’s
Favored Niece scorpion Not once in her life she needed to ask twice.
Fawning Diplomat scorpion Flattery is the currency of the court.
Fertile Fields neutral "Inari-no-Kami smiles upon these lands." – Aiko, priestress of Inari.
Fiery Madness scorpion They had considered every possible vulnerability save one.
Fine Katana neutral Immortal steel waits
Venerated divine blade
The fires of the soul
Fire Tensai Initiate phoenix "Can you coax the mind from wandering and keep to the original oneness?" – Tao of Shinsei
For Greater Glory lion "Our names shall never be forgotten!"
Forgotten Library phoenix Truth cannot be lost, only forgotten.
Funeral Pyre crab "We speed our fallen to Meido, that they do not rise again."
Fū Sui Disciple crane "The energies of Sun and Moon, of the Five Elements—all must be balanced."
Gaijin Customs unicorn "They stood, unmoving, each unsure how to proceed."
Gifted Tactician lion "If you are fighting only the present battle, you have already lost the war." – Kitsu Motso
Goblin Sneak neutral "Goblins? Impossible. Goblins have never been spotted this far from the Wall."
Guard Duty lion "But mother," said the young Lion, "how am I to find glory if I remain behind?"
"You will find honor," said his mother. "And a Lion requires nothing more." – Ikoma's Chronicles
Guest of Honor crane "You wouldn't want to disgrace yourself in front of our distinguised guest, would you?"
Guidance of the Ancestors lion "Oh blessed ancestors, hear my prayer! May the strength of your honor guide my steps and lead me to righteousness!"
Haughty Magistrate phoenix "There is the Tao and there is the Law. Both are the same under Heaven."
Height of Fashion crane The tides of fashion ebb and flow.
Stay ahead of them, or sink beneath
the waves of obscurity.
Hida Kisada Unique crab "What need have I of glory to defend this wall?"
Hiruma Skirmisher crab "My lord, I bring grave findings from beyond the Wall."
Hiruma Yōjimbō crab Enemies learned quickly: it was never wise to give her a reason to draw that awful blade.
I Can Swim scorpion "But scorpion! Now we will both die!"
Ide Tadaji Unique unicorn "Without a worthy opponent, victory is meaningless."
Ikoma Prodigy lion She was destined to follow the of her ancestors, the path of the true Go sage.
Ikoma Ujiaki Unique lion "I remember."
Illustrious Plagiarist scorpion “All good artists borrow. I am a great artist.”
Implacable Magistrate lion "A failure before the law is a failure of honor."
Inquisitive Ishika phoenix "There was something formless before the universe was born. Serene. Empty. Infinite." – from the scrolls of Starry Heaven Sanctuary
Intimidating Hida crab "Is that all you've got?"
Isawa Kaede Unique phoenix "All fates are one."
Isawa Masahiro Unique phoenix "The kami are my allies. How can you hope to stand against me?"
Isawa Tadaka Unique phoenix “As a mountain’s roots run deep, I shall not be moved.”
Ishiken Initiate phoenix The void is nothing.
The void is everything.
Itinerant Philosopher dragon "A student must learn every falsehood before they can learn the truth."
Iuchi Wayfinder unicorn Chase the sun. Discover the world.
Jade Masterpiece Unique dragon "Beauty? Enlightenment? A tragic waste of jade? What do you see?" – Kitsuki Yaruma
Kabuki Hero crane "As a tear dew on a fallen leaf – as a glimmer of moonlight on a still lake – such is the impermanence of this life." – Asahina Ichikawa
Kaito Kosori Unique phoenix "An arrow, once loosed, cannot be recalled."
Kaiu Inventor crab "It will work...eventually."
Kakita Kaezin Unique crane "For the coward, there is no life.
For the hero, there is no death."
Kakita Yoshi Unique crane "I will not forget."
Karmic Twist phoenix "This is not my fate; it is ours."
Kitsuki Yaruma Unique dragon "One cannot send the mountains to the Emperor, but one can send an artist."
Kitsuki's Method dragon Every detail, no matter how small, carries its own implications of the truth.
Kuni Ritsuko Unique crab “The kami of earth abhor corruption even more than we do. Their aid is ours for the asking.”
Let Go dragon The material world is but a distraction.
Levy crab "Every clan must aid in the defence of Rokugan."
Lion's Pride Brawler lion "Let me put it another way."
Manicured Garden neutral The perfect garden maintains all five elements in harmony.
Mantis Tenkinja neutral "None exist in the whole of the Emerald Empire who are as talented as they." – Yoritomo
Master of Gisei Toshi phoenix There are strict rules regarding the behavior of guests. There have never been any guests.
Matsu Berserker lion When the rage come forth, none could stand against them.
Meditations on the Tao neutral "Appreciation of beauty is the beginning of wisdom." – Tao of Shinsei
Meek Informant scorpion Samurai seldom notice peasants.
Peasants always notice samurai.
Meishōdō Wielder unicorn "I know the kami's Name. I can bend it to my will."
Mirumoto Prodigy dragon Each new opponent showed her more of herself.
Miwaku Kabe Guard lion "This wall is as unassailable as the honor of the Lion."
Miya Mystic neutral "Most of my family speak to the citizens of the Empire. I speak to the kami of the land itself."
Miya Satoshi Unique neutral "You who would speak to the Son of Heaven would do well to speak first to me."
Mono no Aware neutral Autum's voice falters
Visions of days together
Fade with the new snow
Moto Horde unicorn Felled by swords or trampled by hooves: to face them was to face death.
Moto Juro Unique unicorn "I will follow you, and they will follow me. Even to Jigoku itself."
Moto Nergüi Unique unicorn "Honor is for those with no deeds to their name."
Moto Youth unicorn Strike your enemies with such speed they cannot think to strike back.
Naive Student phoenix "Your first lesson is to realize the facts alone cannot sway the soul." – Asako Hayate
Noble Sacrifice crane There was no greater honor.
Obstinate Recruit lion Others might question his pride, assuming it would be his downfall. For him, it was a source of strength.
Ornate Fan neutral At times, the ornamentation is the point. At others, it is merely a distraction.
Otomo Courtier neutral "I speak with the voice of the Son of Heaven"
Pacifism phoenix A peaceful environment leads to a peaceful mind.
Pacifist Philosopher phoenix “Use your sword. You will only prove me correct.”
Perfect Land Ethos neutral "Shoshi ni kie."
– chant of the Perfect Land Sect
Pit Trap crab "My apologies, samurai-san. That pit was intended for goblins." – Kaiu Shuichi
Prodigy of the Waves phoenix "To adapt and flow around any problem, this is the lesson of water." – Isawa's Elements
Ready for Battle lion "We are prepared to pay any price."
Reprieve crab There is one more thing that must be done.
Ride Them Down unicorn "We will bring the war to the Lion." – Moto Juro
Sake House Confidant scorpion “Would you like to concede?”
Savvy Politician crane For each of her accomplishments, she defended the praised to those around her, and in this manner their loyalty was secured.
Seal of the Crab crab In the name of Lord Hida Kisada, Defender of the Wall
Seal of the Crane crane In the name of her Elegance, Lady Doji Hotaru, Trusted Left Hand of the Emperor, Beautiful Mistress of the Arts, Skillful Daimyō‏‎ of the Doji, and Indomitable Champion of the Crane Clan.
Seal of the Dragon dragon In the name of Togashi Yokuni, the Enlightened, Master of the High House of Light, and Champion of the Dragon Clan
Seal of the Lion lion In the name of His Excellency, the Right Hand of the Emperor, High General, Champion of the Lion, and Daimyō of the Akodo, Toturi, son of Daio, son of Kozue, daughter of Yokutsune...
Seal of the Phoenix phoenix In the name of Lady Shiba Tsukune, the Soul of Shiba, Protector of the Council, Keeper of the Tao, Daimyō of the Shiba, and Champion of the Phoenix Clan.
Seal of the Scorpion scorpion In the name of Lord Bayushi Shoju, the Most Dutiful, Master of Secrets, among other titles known and unknown, Daimyō of the Bayushi, and the Champion of the Scorpion Clan
Seal of the Unicorn unicorn In the name of Lady Shinjo Altansarnai, Seeker of the Setting Sun, Khan of Khans, Mistress of the Five Winds, Daimyo of the Shinjo, and the Champion of the Unicorn Clan
Seeker of Enlightenment dragon "What is not wisdom?"
Seppun Guardsman neutral "Our cousins, the Otomo, secure the Empire. We secure the Emperor."
Seppun Ishikawa Unique neutral "You are not worthy of her, Toturi-sama."
Serene Warrior phoenix The real battle is fought against one's self.
Shiba Peacemaker phoenix A lifetime of peace is worth a moment of war.
Shiba Tetsu Unique phoenix “All that matters is that I serve my clan as best I am able.”
Shiba Tsukune Unique phoenix "I will do my best."
Shinjo Altansarnai Unique unicorn "This steed will not be broken to rein and saddle, nor will I compromise my clan in the name of peace."
Shinjo Outrider unicorn "I'm on my way."
Shinjo Saddle unicorn Among the Unicorn, one inherits more than just a daishō.
Shinjo Scout unicorn “The Scorpion have eyes in every court. We have eyes everywhere else.”
Shosuro Sadako Unique scorpion Beneath the mask of the shinobi, nothing.
Shrine Maiden phoenix "My family has protected this shrine for generations, and we shall protect it for generations more."
Silver-Tongued Magistrate crane “A beautiful Empire can only be build upon beautiful laws.”
Smoke and Mirrors scorpion "What was that!?"
Soshi Illusionist scorpion "People only see what they hope to see."
Steadfast Witch Hunter crab "The Shadowlands Taint can poison any soul. It is my duty to cleanse it from our ranks."
Steward of Law crane "There is no better armor then the editcs of Hantei-no-Kami."
Stoic Gunsō crab "We are the Wall."
Stoic Magistrate crab "There is no justice. There is just us."
Swift Magistrate unicorn "It is our duty to temper the law with compassion."
Tattooed Wanderer dragon It is said that Dragon shugenja and courtier are warriors, their warriors are monks, and their monks are inexplicable.
The Art of War lion "Let your enemy see what he wishes to see, so that he will underestimate you." – Akodo's Leadership
The Path of Man phoenix “It is the nature of man to walk the path. It is the nature of man to turn from the path. This is the nature of man.”
– Shinsei’s
Gift, apocryphal
The Perfect Gift crane He had refused twice, but could not bring himself to refuse a third time.
The Stone of Sorrows Unique dragon There is no sorrow greater than wisdom.
Togashi Initiate dragon "What is wisdom?"
Togashi Mendicant dragon “It was but a little I spent to save the kit, but had it cost a Fortune I would not have grudged it.”
Togashi Tadakatsu Unique dragon "The ant and the beetle are equal beneath the sun. The beetle and the ant are equal beneath the moon."
Togashi Yokuni Unique dragon "What transpires in our mountains is a mere pebble against the avalanche that is coming."
Tranquility dragon You have entered a state in which nothing can harm you.
Utaku Mediator unicorn "It is difficult to speak clearly to those who have seen so little of the world."
Vanguard Warrior crab "You will have the time you need. Use it wisely."
Venerable Historian lion "Only by looking to the past can we hope to conquer the future."
Vengeful Oathkeeper lion "When a samurai has said he will perform an action, it is as good as done." – Akodo's Leadership
Waning Hostilities neutral "Knowing your advantages does you no good if your enemy is able to keep you from employing them." – Tao of Shinsei
War Dog Master unicorn "If samurai were as loyal as dogs, there would be no need for Bushidō."
Way of the Chrysanthemum neutral As Lady Sun's brilliance illuminates the land, so too does her chosen son radiate peace and prosperity to all Rokugan.
Way of the Crab crab Courage. Duty. Sacrifice.
Way of the Crane crane There is a proper technique for all things.
Way of the Dragon dragon Find your own path.
Way of the Lion lion "War is the most noble pursuit of a samurai. It gives him purpose and brings honor to his ancestors." – Akodo's Leadership
Way of the Phoenix phoenix Master the elements and be reborn.
Way of the Scorpion scorpion To combat the liars, the thieves and the traitors within the Great Clans, Bayushi's followers would have to lie, steal, and cheat in turn.
Way of the Unicorn unicorn One cannot capture the wind.
Wholeness of the World phoenix "The Master understands that the universe is out of his control. Because he accepts himself, the whole worl accepts him." - Tao of Shinsei
Windswept Yurt unicorn "After a week in the saddle, it felt like the Imperial Palace." – Shinjo Yasamura
Written in the Stars dragon "The time has come." – Togashi Mitsu
Yasuki Taka Unique crab "I find the best use of my mouth is to bargain with it."
Yogo Kikuyo Unique scorpion “Not on my watch.”
Yogo Outcast scorpion Long ago, the Dark Kami himself cursed those carrying the Yogo bloodline to inevitably betray the one they love most.
Young Harrier crane To do what we must.
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