Hidden Markings

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Hidden Markings
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Author Robert Denton III
Release Date 2020-03-11
Previous Cold Autumn Harvests
Next The Art of Matchmaking
Source Hidden Markings
Cycle/Set Dominion Cycle

For the Phoenix Clan, there may be no mission more critical than safeguarding the soul of the Emerald Empire. This can mean caretaking the shrines scattered across Rokugan and preserving sacred texts in their extensive libraries… but it can also mean taking more direct action.

Follow Asako Maezawa, a self-described “man of little importance,” as he travels to a remote shrine on a secretive mission. To learn what he discovers there, you’ll have to read "Hidden Markings", a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Robert Denton III! This story is a direct result of the story choice made as part of the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game tournament at UK Games Expo last summer.