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Holding is a card type. Every Holding has bonus strength (Strength) which adds to their relevant province where they are.[1]

Holdings only appear in the dynasty deck.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Clan Name Traits Strength Text Box
lion Ancestral Armory +2 Action: Sacrifice this holding, choose a Weapon attachment in your discard pile – return that attachment to your hand.
neutral Imperial Storehouse Imperial. +1 Action: Sacrifice this holding – draw 1 card.
dragon The Wrath of the Kami Unique Shrine. +1 Limit 1 per deck.
Action: During a conflict at this province, lose 1 honor – this province gets +1 strength until the end of the conflict. (Unlimited.)
neutral The Imperial Palace Unique Imperial. +2 Limit 1 per deck.
This holding adds +3 to your side during each glory count.
lion Staging Ground Battlefield. +1 Action: Choose up to 2 facedown cards in your provinces – turn the chosen cards faceup.
unicorn Shiotome Encampment Battlefield. +0 Action: If you have a military ring in your claimed ring pool, choose a Cavalry character – ready that character.
dragon Secluded Temple Shrine. +1 Reaction: After the conflict phase begins, each opponent who controls more characters than you must choose a character he or she controls with 1 or more fate on it – remove 1 fate from each chosen character.
phoenix Secluded Shrine Shrine. +0 Reaction: After the conflict phase begins, choose a ring – until the end of the phase, you are considered to have that ring in your claimed ring pool.
dragon Mountaintop Statuary Temple. +1 Reaction: After this holding is turned faceup – move it onto your stronghold province.
Action: During a conflict at this province, sacrifice this holding. Choose and attacking character with printed cost 2 or lower – move that character home.
neutral Miwaku Kabe Unique Imperial. +3 Limit 1 per deck.
Interrupt: When this holding's province is broken – shuffle this card back into your dynasty deck.
phoenix Magnificent Lighthouse Landmark. +2 Action: Look at the top 3 cards of an opponent's deck. Discard 1 of those cards, place another on top of that deck, and the other on the bottom of that deck.
crab Kuni Laboratory Laboratory. +0 Each character you control gets +1military and +1Political.
Forced Reaction: After the conflict phase begins – lose 1 honor.
crab Karada District Unique Imperial. +1 Limit 1 per deck.
Action: Give an opponent 1 fate. Choose an attachment on a character that player controls – take control of that attachment and attach it to an eligible character you control, if able. Otherwise, discard it.
phoenix Kanjo District Unique Imperial. +2 Limit 1 per deck.
Action: During a conflict, discard the Imperial Favor. Choose a participating character – bow that character and move it home.
crab Iron Mine Mine. +0 Interrupt: When a character you control would leave play – sacrifice this holding instead.
lion Hito District Unique Imperial. +1 Limit 1 per deck.
Political conflicts cannot be declared against this holding's province.
crane Artisan Academy Academy. +1 Action: During the conflict phase – reveal the top card of your conflict deck. Until the end of the phase, you may play that card as if it were in your hand.
crab Hiruma Outpost Outpost. +2 While this card is in an unbroken province, it gains: "Reaction: After an opponent declares a conflict against a province that does not have a holding in it – that opponent loses 1 honor."
scorpion Hidden Moon Dojo Unique Dojo. +0 Limit 1 per deck.
You may play characters in adjacent provinces as if they were in your hand.
Action: During a conflict – turn a card in an adjacent province faceup.
crab Heavy Ballista +0 Action: During a military conflict in which you are defending, discard a card from your hand and choose a ready attacking character. That character's controller selects one – bow that character, or remove 1 fate from it.
crab Funeral Pyre Ritual. +0 Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) character – draw 1 card.
phoenix Forgotten Library Library. Shrine. +0 Reaction: After the draw phase begins – draw 1 card.
neutral Favorable Ground Battlefield. +1 Action: During a conflict, sacrifice this holding. Choose a character you control – move that character to the conflict or home from the conflict.
scorpion Court of Deception +1 Action: If you have 6 or fewer honor, choose a dishonored character in your home area – discard that character's status token.
scorpion City of Lies City. +1 Action: Reduce the cost of the next event you play this phase by 1.
crane Chisei District Unique Imperial. +1 Limit 1 per deck.
military conflicts cannot be declared against this holding's province.
phoenix Bustling Academy Academy. +1 Action: If you control a Scholar character – discard a card in a province and refill it faceup.
crab Borderlands Fortifications Battlefield. +2 Action: Choose a card in one of your provinces – switch this holding with that card.
crane Bonsai Garden Garden. +0 Action: During an air conflict – gain 1 honor.
scorpion Back-Alley Hideaway City. +1 Interrupt: When a scorpion character you control leaves play – attach that character to this holding facedown instead of placing it in its owner's discard pile.
Action: Play an attached facedown character from this holding as if it were in this province. Then, sacrifice this holding.
unicorn Windswept Yurt +1 Action: Sacrifice this holding, select one – each player gains 2 fate or each player gains 2 honor. Refill this province faceup.

References[edit | edit source]