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Holding is a card type. Every Holding has bonus strength (Strength) which adds to their relevant province where they are.[1]

Holdings only appear in the dynasty deck.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Clan Name Traits Strength Text Box
crane Artisan Academy Academy. +1 Action: During the conflict phase – reveal the top card of your conflict deck. Until the end of the phase, you may play that card as if it were in your hand.
crab Borderlands Fortifications Battlefield. +2 Action: Choose a card in one of your provinces – switch this holding with that card.
scorpion City of Lies City. +1 Action: Reduce the cost of the next event you play this phase by 1.
neutral Favorable Ground Battlefield. +1 Action: During a conflict, sacrifice this holding. Choose a character you control – move that character to the conflict or home from the conflict.
phoenix Forgotten Library Library. Shrine. +0 Reaction: After the draw phase begins – draw 1 card.
crab Funeral Pyre Ritual. +0 Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) character – draw 1 card.
neutral Imperial Storehouse Imperial. +1 Action: Sacrifice this holding – draw 1 card.
dragon Secluded Temple Shrine. +1 Reaction: After the conflict phase begins, each opponent who controls more characters than you must choose a character he or she controls with 1 or more fate on it – remove 1 fate from each chosen character.
lion Staging Ground Battlefield. +1 Action: Choose up to 2 facedown cards in your provinces – turn the chosen cards faceup.

References[edit | edit source]