Lion Clan

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Lion Clan
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Champion Akodo Toturi
Families AkodoIkomaKitsuMatsu

The Lion Clan is a Great Clan led by its Champion Akodo Toturi.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sitting opposed to the Crane's political skills is the pure military might of the Lion Clan. Every samurai who lives in Rokugan measures courage, honor, and duty against the standard set by the Lion Clan. With the largest standing army in Rokugan, the Lion have earned their place as the Right Hand of the Emperor. Above all, the Lion Clan lives, breathes, and dies for the Emperor and Rokugan. Should the interests of the Emperor and the welfare of the Empire diverge, toward what deadly paths or dishonorable fates would the Lion march?

The Lion are a proud, aggressive, and violent clan that leverages its strong military skill to win conflicts. Lion decks frequently aim to swarm the play area with characters, strengthening their presence through numbers. However, Lion characters with political skill are harder to come by, so it's important to have some extra fate to keep your few courtiers and politicians in play.[1]

Major Families[edit | edit source]

  • Akodo family: Warrior-scholars who dedicate themselves to mastering the art of war, they are perfectionist tacticians who value the code of Bushido highly.
  • Ikoma family: Emotional, pragmatic, and dedicated historians, they are the most common courtiers sent from Lion lands.
  • Kitsu family: A relatively small family of shugenja who descend from ancient lion spirits.
  • Matsu family: Brash, hot blooded warriors who define the Lion stereotype, they are the backbone of the Lion's famed army and provide the majority of its bushi.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Cards of the Lion Clan
Name Set ID Deck Type
A Legion of One Meditations on the Ephemeral 116 Conflict Event
Ageless Crone Into the Forbidden City 53 Conflict Character
Akodo Gunsō Core Set 71 Dynasty Character
Akodo Toshiro Unique The Chrysanthemum Throne 67 Dynasty Character
Akodo Toturi Unique Core Set 79 Dynasty Character
Beastmaster Matriarch Meditations on the Ephemeral 106 Dynasty Character
Deathseeker Core Set 72 Dynasty Character
For Greater Glory Core Set 168 Conflict Event
Gifted Tactician Tears of Amaterasu 7 Dynasty Character
Guard Duty The Chrysanthemum Throne 76 Conflict Attachment
Guidance of the Ancestors Core Set 162 Conflict Attachment
Hito District Unique Tears of Amaterasu 8 Dynasty Holding
Honored Blade Core Set 163 Conflict Attachment
Honored General Core Set 77 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Eiji Unique Core Set 78 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Prodigy Core Set 68 Dynasty Character
Ikoma Ujiaki Unique For Honor and Glory 26 Dynasty Character
Implacable Magistrate The Chrysanthemum Throne 68 Dynasty Character
Kamayari For Honor and Glory 35 Conflict Attachment
Keeper of Fire Core Set 216A Role
Kitsu Spiritcaller Core Set 74 Dynasty Character
Lion's Pride Brawler Core Set 75 Dynasty Character
Master of the Spear Core Set 161 Conflict Character
Matsu Beiona Unique Core Set 76 Dynasty Character
Matsu Berserker Core Set 69 Dynasty Character
Miwaku Kabe Guard Fate Has No Secrets 86 Dynasty Character
Obstinate Recruit Core Set 67 Dynasty Character
Ready for Battle Core Set 165 Conflict Event
Sashimono Core Set 164 Conflict Attachment
Seal of the Lion Fate Has No Secrets 95 Conflict Attachment
Staging Ground Core Set 80 Dynasty Holding
Stand Your Ground Core Set 166 Conflict Event
Steadfast Samurai Core Set 70 Dynasty Character
Strength in Numbers Core Set 169 Conflict Event
Test of Courage Into the Forbidden City 54 Conflict Event
The Art of War Core Set 11 Province
Time for War Tears of Amaterasu 15 Conflict Event
Venerable Historian Core Set 73 Dynasty Character
Vengeful Oathkeeper Core Set 160 Conflict Character
Way of the Lion Core Set 167 Conflict Event
Yōjin no Shiro Unique Core Set 4 Stronghold

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