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Media files are official videos, gameplay recordings, or tutorials about Legend of the Five Rings.

List of media[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date Type
The Way of the Scorpion 2017-08-15 Teaser video for the scorpion Scorpion Clan.
The Way of the Unicorn 2017-08-04 Teaser video for the unicorn Unicorn Clan.
The Way of the Phoenix 2017-07-21 Teaser video for the phoenix Phoenix Clan.
The Way of the Crab 2017-07-07 Teaser video for the crab Crab Clan.
The Way of the Dragon 2017-06-28 Teaser video for the dragon Dragon Clan.
The Way of the Lion 2017-06-09 Teaser video for the lion Lion Clan.
The Way of the Crane 2017-05-19 Teaser video for the crane Crane Clan.
Designer Preview 2017-04-20 Team Covenant interviews the L5R designers.