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Neutral is everyone and everything that does not belong to one of the seven Great Clans.

Neutral does not mean unaligned however. Many neutral character have traits which describe their allegiance such as Imperial or Ronin.

Neutral cards are marked with an ensō instead of a clan mon.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Set ID Deck Type
Along the River of Gold Meditations on the Ephemeral 101 Province
Ancestral Lands Core Set 15 Province
Assassination Core Set 203 Conflict Event
Banzai! Core Set 204 Conflict Event
Before the Throne The Chrysanthemum Throne 61 Province
Blood of Onnotangu Tears of Amaterasu 1 Province
Censure Into the Forbidden City 60 Conflict Event
Charge! Core Set 210 Conflict Event
Cloud the Mind Core Set 202 Conflict Attachment
Contingency Plan Core Set 205 Conflict Event
Court Games Core Set 206 Conflict Event
Elemental Fury Core Set 16 Province
Entrenched Position Core Set 17 Province
Fallen in Battle Core Set 211 Conflict Event
Favorable Ground Core Set 128 Dynasty Holding
Feast or Famine Into the Forbidden City 41 Province
Fertile Fields Core Set 18 Province
Fine Katana Core Set 200 Conflict Attachment
Finger of Jade Tears of Amaterasu 20 Conflict Attachment
For Shame! Core Set 207 Conflict Event
Frostbitten Crossing For Honor and Glory 21 Province
Goblin Sneak Tears of Amaterasu 19 Conflict Character
Good Omen Core Set 208 Conflict Event
Guardians of the Seikitsu The Chrysanthemum Throne 62 Province
Imperial Storehouse Core Set 129 Dynasty Holding
Keeper Initiate Core Set 124 Dynasty Character
Keeper of Air Core Set 214A Role
Manicured Garden Core Set 19 Province
Massing at Twilight Fate Has No Secrets 81 Province
Meditations on the Tao Core Set 20 Province
Miwaku Kabe Unique For Honor and Glory 30 Dynasty Holding
Miya Mystic Core Set 125 Dynasty Character
Miya Satoshi Unique Meditations on the Ephemeral 112 Dynasty Character
Mono no Aware Meditations on the Ephemeral 120 Conflict Event
Night Raid Core Set 21 Province
Ornate Fan Core Set 201 Conflict Attachment
Otomo Courtier Core Set 122 Dynasty Character
Outwit Core Set 212 Conflict Event
Pilgrimage Core Set 22 Province
Policy Debate For Honor and Glory 40 Conflict Event
Public Forum Into the Forbidden City 42 Province
Rally to the Cause Core Set 23 Province
Riot in the Streets For Honor and Glory 22 Province
Rout Core Set 213 Conflict Event
Seeker Initiate Core Set 126 Dynasty Character
Seeker of Earth Core Set 215B Role
Seeker of Water Core Set 217B Role
Seppun Guardsman Core Set 123 Dynasty Character
Seppun Ishikawa Unique Fate Has No Secrets 90 Dynasty Character
Shameful Display Core Set 24 Province
Spies at Court Core Set 209 Conflict Event
Tattered Missive Into the Forbidden City 59 Conflict Attachment
Tears of Amaterasu Tears of Amaterasu 2 Province
The Imperial Palace Unique The Chrysanthemum Throne 72 Dynasty Holding
Wandering Ronin Core Set 127 Dynasty Character
Waning Hostilities Fate Has No Secrets 100 Conflict Event
Way of the Chrysanthemum The Chrysanthemum Throne 80 Conflict Event