Phoenix Clan

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Phoenix Clan
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Champion Shiba Tsukune
Families AsakoIsawaShiba

The Phoenix Clan is a Great Clan led by the Elemental Council and protected by its Champion Shiba Tsukune.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Phoenix is a symbol of contradictions: explosive power and great restraint, vast intelligence and deep humility, immolating self-sacrifice and glorious rebirth. These entwined virtues illuminate the path of Rokugan's most mystical Great Clan, the keepers of the Tao of Shinsei and caretakers of the Empire's soul.

The Phoenix are the masters of magic in Rokugan, but they are also staunch pacifists with little interest in warfare. Wise players will use the clan's shugenja to trigger powerful effects against your opponent from the safety of your home area. The clan's mastery of the elemental rings will also help to deny your opponent the effects they aim to use against you while ensuring you can use the rings you need to win. This clan's distaste for violence can also be used as a calming influence upon your opponent, making overt aggression and military conflicts much less effective against you.[1]

Major Families[edit | edit source]

  • Asako family: Scholars and historian who frequently find themselves acting as courtiers, they also produce some shugenja and have an order of monks dedicated to enlightenment.
  • Isawa family: The largest shugenja family in Rokugan and its spiritual leaders, they are unique for their mastery of all five elements and position of dominance in their Clan.
  • Shiba family: Scholarly bushi who dedicate their lives to protecting the clan's shugenja.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Cards of the Phoenix Clan
Name Set ID Deck Type
Adept of the Waves Core Set 84 Dynasty Character
Against the Waves Core Set 177 Conflict Event
Asako Diplomat Core Set 85 Dynasty Character
Asako Tsuki Unique Meditations on the Ephemeral 107 Dynasty Character
Benten's Touch Into the Forbidden City 55 Conflict Event
Consumed by Five Fires Fate Has No Secrets 96 Conflict Event
Display of Power Core Set 179 Conflict Event
Embrace the Void Tears of Amaterasu 16 Conflict Attachment
Fearsome Mystic Core Set 91 Dynasty Character
Fire Tensai Initiate Disciples of the Void Dynasty Character
Forgotten Library Core Set 94 Dynasty Holding
Fushichō Unique Disciples of the Void 11 Dynasty Character
Grasp of Earth Core Set 173 Conflict Attachment
Harmonize For Honor and Glory 37 Conflict Event
Haughty Magistrate The Chrysanthemum Throne 69 Dynasty Character
Henshin Disciple Fate Has No Secrets 87 Dynasty Character
Isawa Atsuko Unique Core Set 92 Dynasty Character
Isawa Kaede Unique Tears of Amaterasu 9 Dynasty Character
Isawa Masahiro Unique Core Set 90 Dynasty Character
Isawa Mori Seidō Unique Core Set 5 Stronghold
Isawa Tadaka Unique Disciples of the Void Dynasty Character
Ishiken Initiate Core Set 170 Conflict Character
Kaito Kosori Unique Disciples of the Void 18 Conflict Character
Kanjo District Unique Meditations on the Ephemeral 108 Dynasty Holding
Keeper of Water Core Set 217A Role
Know the World Core Set 178 Conflict Event
Kyūden Isawa Unique Disciples of the Void 1 Stronghold
Magnificent Kimono Core Set 172 Conflict Attachment
Magnificent Lighthouse For Honor and Glory 27 Dynasty Holding
Master of Gisei Toshi Fate Has No Secrets 88 Dynasty Character
Meddling Mediator Core Set 86 Dynasty Character
Mori Kuroi Core Set 12 Province
Naive Student Core Set 81 Dynasty Character
Pacifism Core Set 174 Conflict Attachment
Prodigy of the Waves Into the Forbidden City 46 Dynasty Character
Radiant Orator Core Set 87 Dynasty Character
Seal of the Phoenix The Chrysanthemum Throne 77 Conflict Attachment
Seeker of Knowledge Core Set 171 Conflict Character
Serene Warrior Core Set 88 Dynasty Character
Shiba Peacemaker Core Set 82 Dynasty Character
Shiba Tetsu Disciples of the Void 6 Dynasty Character
Shiba Tsukune Unique Core Set 93 Dynasty Character
Shiba Yōjimbō Core Set 89 Dynasty Character
Shrine Maiden For Honor and Glory 36 Conflict Character
Solemn Scholar Core Set 83 Dynasty Character
Supernatural Storm Core Set 175 Conflict Event
Way of the Phoenix Core Set 176 Conflict Event

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