Pit Trap

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Pit Trap
Pit Trap.png
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Clan crab

Deck Conflict (3 Influence)
Type Attachment
Traits Item. Trap.
Stats 3 fate / -1 military / -1 Political
Text Box Attach to a character.
Play only on an attacking character.
Attached character does not ready during the regroup phase.
Flavor "My apologies, samurai-san. That pit was intended for goblins." – Kaiu Shuichi
Illus. Stanislav Dikolenko
Set, ID The Chrysanthemum Throne, 73

Errata[edit | edit source]

This card received an erratum. The text should read: "Attach to a character. Play only on an attacking character." instead of: "Attach to an attacking character." [1]

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