Red Petals Scatter

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Red Petals Scatter
Story hline.png
Author Robert Denton III
Release Date 2019-08-21
Previous By the Stroke of a Brush
Next Two Swords Fall from Heaven
Source Red Petals Scatter
Cycle/Set Inheritance Cycle

Red Petals Scatter” depicts that on a night like any other, Iuchi Shahai’s life is about to change forever. A “guest” in the Imperial Capital, Shahai has been teaching the mysterious art of Meishōdō to Shugenja outside the Unicorn Clan. Feeling trapped in Otosan Uchi, Shahai has found solace in a friendship with Prince Daisetsu. But as Rokugan undergoes a monumental change, what role will Shahai play in the events to come? What does fate have in store for her? The fiction can be downloaded here.