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Seeker roles

Seeker is a trait found on role cards. There are five seeker roles: one for each ring.

Each Seeker role card provides two effects:

  • You may replace 1 province of any element with an additional <ring> province while deckbuilding.
  • Reaction: After a <ring> province you control is revealed – gain 1 fate.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Various cards require you to have a seeker role to use them.

Set Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
Tears of Amaterasu Blood of Onnotangu neutral Province Shrine. Seeker role only.
During conflicts at this province, each player cannot spend fate from his or her fate pool.
Into the Forbidden City Chasing the Sun unicorn Conflict Event Seeker role only.
Action: During a conflict in which you are the attacking player – move the contested ring to another eligible province and reveal it, if able. That province is now the attacked province.
Fate Has No Secrets Consumed by Five Fires phoenix Conflict Event Spell. Fire. Seeker role only.
Action: If you control a Shugenja character – remove up to 5 fate from among characters an opponent controls.
The Children of Heaven Emperor's Summons neutral Province Seeker role only.
Reaction: After this province is revealed – search your dynasty deck for a character card and put it faceup into a non-stronghold province you control, discarding each other card in the province. Shuffle.
Children of the Empire Humble Magistrate neutral Dynasty Character Courtier. Imperial. Magistrate. Seeker role only.
While this character is attacking, each character with printed cost 4 or higher does not count its skill towards the resolution of this conflict.
The Emperor's Legion Insolent Outcast neutral Dynasty Character Bushi. Rōnin. Seeker role only.
This character gets +1military and +1Political for each honored character an opponent controls.
Disciples of the Void Kami Unleashed neutral Conflict Character Spirit. Seeker role only.
Action: While this character is attacking, sacrifice it – resolve the ring effect of the contested ring as if you won the the conflict as the attacking player. (Max 1 per conflict.)
Meditations on the Ephemeral Oni Mask scorpion Conflict Attachment Item. Mask. Seeker role only.
Attach to a character you control.
Action: During a conflict, remove 1 fate from attached character. Choose a participating character – treat that character as if its printed text box were blank (except Traits) until the end of the conflict.
For Honor and Glory Pathfinder's Blade crab Conflict Attachment Weapon. Seeker role only.
Interrupt: When the effects of a triggered ability on the attacked province would initiate, if attached character is attacking, sacrifice this attachment – cancel those effects.
Core Set Seeker Initiate neutral Dynasty Character Monk. Seeker role only.
Reaction: After you claim a ring that matches the element of your role – search the top 5 cards of your conflict deck for a card and add it to your hand. Shuffle.
A Champion's Foresight Smuggler's Cove neutral Province Seeker role only.
During a conflict at this province, choose a character you control and select one – either move that character to the conflict or move it home.
Fate Has No Secrets Test of Skill crane Conflict Event Seeker role only.
Action: Name a card type. Reveal the top 3 cards of your conflict deck (top 4 cards instead if you control a Duelist character) – add up to 2 revealed cards of that type to your hand and discard the rest.
Fate Has No Secrets The Stone of Sorrows Unique dragon Conflict Attachment Item. Seeker role only.
While attached character is ready, opponents cannot remove or gain fate from rings.
Tears of Amaterasu Time for War lion Conflict Event Seeker role only.
Reaction: After you lose a Political conflict, choose a Bushi character you control – put a Weapon attachment with printed cost 3 or lower into play from your hand or conflict discard pile, attached to that character.
Children of the Empire Unveiled Destiny neutral Conflict Attachment Weapon. Seeker role only.
Reaction: While attached character is attacking, the contested ring gains the element of your role. (If attached character wins the conflict as an attacker, you may choose which of its ring effects to resolve.)