Seeker of Truth - Keeper of Power

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Seeker of Truth
Seeker of Truth side.
Keeper of Power
Keeper of Power side

A fan-made two-sided promo card that was distributed at Grand Kotei Paris 2019.

One side depicts Kuni Yori with the text "Keeper of Power" and the keywords "Keeper. Shadowlands." The flavor text is "A leader should be strong. even the Great Bear was not his equal. - Kuni Yori The illustration was already used for Kuni Yori, The Corruptor in the CCG's Siege: Clan War expansion.

The other side depicts Asako Kinuye with the text "Seeker of Truth" and the keywords "Seeker. Maho." The flavor text is "The only true source of power. - Asako Kinuye" The illustration was already used for Asako Kinuye in the CCG's Web of Lies expansion.