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Tears of Amaterasu

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Tears of Amaterasu
L5c02 main.png
Story hline.png
Set Code L5C02
Release Date Not specified
Previous Core Set
Next For Honor and Glory
Cycle Imperial Cycle

Tears of Amaterasu is the first Dynasty Pack of the Imperial Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards.[1]

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
13 Disdainful Remark crane Conflict Event Keeper role only.
Action: During a conflict, if you control a participating Courtier character – until the end of the conflict, the attacked province gets +X strength. X is equal to the number of cards in your opponent's hand.
Goblin Sneak neutral Dynasty Character Goblin. Shadowlands. Reaction: After playing this Character, put 1 fate on it from an opponent's fate pool.
9 Isawa Kaede Unique phoenix Dynasty Character Shugenja. Void. Immune against opponents' ring effects.
While this character is attacking the contestent ring gains the void element. If this character wins the conflict as an attacker, instead of choosing an element to resolve, resolve each of that ring's effects.
4 Karada District Unique crab Dynasty Holding Imperial. Limit 1 per deck.
Action: Give an opponent 1 fate. Choose an attachment on a character that player controls – take control of that attachments and attach it on an eligible character you control, if able. Otherwise, discard it.
6 Kitsuki Yaruma Unique dragon Dynasty Character Courtier. Courtesy. No Poison attachments.
Reaction: After this character enters play, choose an unbroken province – turn that province facedown.
18 Smoke and Mirrors scorpion Conflict Event Technique. Action: During a conflict, choose any number of attacking Shinobi characters you control – move each choosen character home.
10 Swift Magistrate unicorn Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. Magistrate. While this character is attacking, each other character that has 1 or more fate on it does not count its skill toward the resolution of this conflict.
15 Time for War lion Conflict Event Seeker role only.
Reaction: After you lose a Political conflict, choose a Bushi character you control – put a Weapon attachment with printed cost 3 or lower into play from your hand or conflict discard pile, attached to that character.

References[edit | edit source]