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The Chrysanthemum Throne

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The Chrysanthemum Throne
L5c05 main.png
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Product Code L5C05
Release Date 2017-11-30
Previous Into the Forbidden City
Next Fate Has No Secrets
Cycle Imperial Cycle

The Chrysanthemum Throne is the fourth Dynasty Pack of the Imperial Cycle and contains three copies of twenty new cards. [1]

The cover art of this set by Nele Diel is from the card Before the Throne.

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
76 Guard Duty lion Conflict Attachment Keeper role only.
Action: If attached character is defending – honor it.
72 The Imperial Palace Unique neutral Dynasty Holding Imperial. Limit 1 per deck.
This holding adds +3 to your side during each glory count.
66 Mountaintop Statuary dragon Dynasty Holding Temple. Reaction: After this holding is turned faceup – move it onto your stronghold province.
Action: During a conflict at this province, sacrifice this holding. Choose and attacking character with printed cost 2 or lower – move that character home.
63 Kaiu Inventor crab Dynasty Character Bushi. Engineer. Action: Choose a holding you control – you may trigger each of that holding's triggered abilities an additional time this round (or specified period).
68 Implacable Magistrate lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. Magistrate. While this character is attacking, only this character and honored characters count their skill toward the resolution of this conflict.
69 Haughty Magistrate phoenix Dynasty Character Bushi. Imperial. Magistrate. While this character is attacking, characters with lower glory than this character do not count their skill toward the resolution of this conflict.
71 Utaku Mediator unicorn Dynasty Character Courtier. This character gets +1military and +1Political while you do not have the Imperial Favor.
70 Fawning Diplomat scorpion Dynasty Character Courtier. Interrupt: When this character leaves play – claim the Imperial Favor.
65 Agasha Sumiko Unique dragon Dynasty Character Bushi. Champion. While you have the Imperial Favor, this character does not bow as a result of conflict resolution while attacking.
74 Curry Favor crane Conflict Event Reaction: After a character you control bows as a result of conflict resolution from a second conflict you declared this round – ready that character.
64 Doji Shizue Unique crane Dynasty Character Courtier. Storyteller. During the fate phase, if you have the Imperial Favor, this character cannot lose fate or be discarded.
75 Centipede Tattoo dragon Conflict Attachment Tattoo. Monk character only. Attached character gains the Tattooed trait.
Attached character does not bow as a result of conflict resolution in conflicts which it lost.
77 Seal of the Phoenix phoenix Conflict Attachment Item. Seal. Attached character gains the phoenix clan symbol and the Scholar trait.
79 Gaijin Customs unicorn Conflict Event Action: If you control a unicorn card, choose a non-unicorn character – ready the chosen character.
78 Backhanded Compliment scorpion Conflict Event Keeper role only.
Action: Choose a player – that player draws 1 card and loses 1 honor.
73 Pit Trap crab Conflict Attachment Item. Trap. Attach to a character.
Play only on an attacking character.
Attached character does not ready during the regroup phase.
80 Way of the Chrysanthemum neutral Conflict Event Imperial. Philosophy. Reaction: After 1 or more honor is given to you from an honor bid – gain that much honor. (Max 1 per round.)
67 Akodo Toshiro Unique lion Dynasty Character Bushi. Action: While this character is attacking – it gets +5military until the end of the conflict. Provinces cannot be broken during this conflict. At the end of the conflict, if you do not control a Commander character, discard this character.
61 Before the Throne neutral Province Imperial. Cannot be a stronghold province.
Interrupt: When this province is broken – take 2 honor from your opponent.
62 Guardians of the Seikitsu neutral Province Earth role only.
Reaction: After this province is revealed – bow each character with printed cost 2 or lower.

References[edit | edit source]