The Emperor's Legion

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The Emperor's Legion
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Product Code L5C27
Release Date Not specified
Previous Justice for Satsume
Next The Children of Heaven
Cycle Clan Packs

The Emperor's Legion is the fifth Clan Pack and contains three copies of twenty-five new cards, plus one copy of three new cards. [1]

The cover art of this set by Amélie Hutt is from the card Matsu Tsuko.

Cards[edit | edit source]

ID Name Clan Deck Type Traits Text Box
10 Voice of the Ancestors lion Dynasty Character Shugenja. Water. Action: Choose a character you control – play a lion character from your dynasty discard pile as an attachment on the chosen character, reducing its cost by 1. Treat this attachment as if its printed text box were blank. It gains the Spirit trait and the text: "Limit 1 Spirit per character. Add this card's printed military and Political skill values to those of attached character."
17 Shosuro Denmaru Unique scorpion Dynasty Character Bushi. Commander. Each honored character controlled by an opponent has a base glory of 0.
6 Matsu Gohei Unique lion Dynasty Character Bushi. This character does not bow as the result of conflict resolution during conflicts in which it is attacking with 2 or more other Bushi characters.
1 Kyūden Ikoma Unique lion Stronghold Castle. Reaction: After a character you control loses a conflict as an attacker, bow this strognhold. Choose a non-Champion character – bow that character.
23 Embrace Death lion Conflict Event Philosophy. Reaction: After a Bushi character you control loses a conflict as the attacker, sacrifice it. Choose a character controlled by your opponent – if that character has no fate on it, discard it. Otherwise, remove 1 fate from it.
4 Ashigaru Levy lion Dynasty Character Peasant. Reaction: After this character enters play, choose another copy of this card in your provinces or discard pile – put that character into play.

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