Trail of Shadows

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Trail of Shadows
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Author D.G. Laderoute
Release Date 2020-08-21 [1]
Previous The Stained Cup
Next The Last Leaf Falls
Source Trail of Shadows
Cycle/Set Temptations Cycle

The cover art of this novella by Amélie Hutt is from the alternate art card of Hida Sukune.

Deep shadows gather in the Shinomen forest. Though this tangled woodland lies north of the Great Carpenter Wall and the traditional domain of the Crab Clan, rumors have led a few Crab samurai to mount a dangerous expedition into the depths of the forest, searching for an ancient artifact forged by Hida Osano-wo himself…

In this 120-page novella, you'll follow with Hida Sukune on a thrilling expedition into the unexpected horrors of the Shinomen Mori. Then, once you've finished the story, there's still plenty of lore to dive into with a sixteen-page, full-color insert dedicated to the Crab Clan and packed with information on the Kami Hida, the Crab Clan's wars against the Shadowlands, and their furtive allies, the nezumi.

Beneath Shadowed Boughs

Hida Sukune, youngest child of the Crab Clan Champion, lacks the strength and fortitude for which his clan is known. With no hope of becoming a great warrior, Sukune has devoted himself to the study of military strategy. Though a trusted advisor and tactician, Sukune constantly confronts his own limitations in a family famed for its martial prowess.

When the ratlike nezumi of the Tattered Ear tribe discover a potent Crab Clan artifact deep in the Shinomen forest, a Crab expedition sets out to recover the relic. Unexpectedly tasked by his father to lead the mission, Sukune must overcome his own doubts as surely as the dangers of the forest—and the dark power that threatens to forever end both the expedition and the Tattered Ear tribe. You'll discover the outcome of Sukune’s quest in the Trail of Shadows novella!

Devotees of Legend of the Five Rings lore will also find sixteen full-color pages, filled with beautiful art and offering new tidbits of history and backstory for the Crab Clan, the nezumi, and the Shadowlands, as well as the Shinomen Mori and the spirits that dwell within.