What the Eye Cannot See

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What the Eye Cannot See
Story hline.png
Author Marie Brennan
Release Date 2020-01-30
Previous Beyond Reach
Next A Night Storm Rages
Source What the Eye Cannot See
Cycle/Set Dominion Cycle

With the tragic death of the Emperor, ripples flow out through all of Rokugan, disturbing the natural order of all things—and nowhere more than in the Imperial Palace itself. Though the palace is placid on the surface, the Kitsuki courtiers of the Dragon Clan can sense something brewing just below the surface.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present "What the Eye Cannot See" by Marie Brennan, a new piece of Legend of the Five Rings fiction! This fiction follows directly from the events of "The Last Stone Played," and is a result of the Dragon Clan story choice at Winter Court 2018.