Winter Court 2018 World Championship Deck

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Winter Court 2018 World Championship Deck
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Product Code uCHP11
Release Date August 9th, 2019 [1]
Previous Bonds of Blood
Next Justice for Satsume
Cycle World Championship Decks

Winter Court 2018 World Championship Deck is a pre-constructed 87-cards Crane Clan deck identical to the deck used by Shogun Erik Baalhuis during the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, boasting a new extended art layout on each card. [2]

The cover art of this set by Alayna Lemmer is from the card Shizuka Toshi.

Decklist[edit | edit source]

Stronghold (1):
Shizuka Toshi
Role (1):
Seeker of Air
Provinces (5):
Fertile Fields, Manicured Garden, Ancestral Lands, Magistrate Station, Shameful Display
Dynasty (40):
Callow Delegate (2), Doji Whisperer (3), Brash Samurai (3), Cautious Scout (3), Daidoji Nerishma (3), Miya Mystic (2), Doji Challenger (3), Kakita Asami (3), Kakita Kaezin (2), Guest of Honor (3), Doji Hotaru (2), Kakita Yoshi (3), Artisan Academy (1), Favorable Ground (3), Imperial Storehouse (3), The Imperial Palace (1)
Conflict (40):
Steward of Law (3), Doji Fumiki (1), Menacing Iron Warrior (2), Political Rival (2), Fine Katana (3), Ornate Fan (3), Assassination (1), Banzai! (3), Censure (1), Court Games (3) For Shame! (3), Let Go (3) Voice of Honor (3), Way of the Crane (3), Admit Defeat (1), Mirumoto's Fury (2), Noble Sacrifice (1), Soul Beyond Reproach (2)

References[edit | edit source]